WIP ~ The Trillium Flower

First take a macro photo of a  Trillium, then manipulate it in a photo shop program. OK I didn’t take this photo, my husband did, but he was willing to share.

Print out to the size you want your quilt to be, using any enlarger program that you have. Take a black magic marker and highlight the areas where the colors change. Get out your light box. Place your photo right side up and a piece of batting on top of that and  trace photo onto  your batting with a thin black marker.


I took out my hand dyed fabric scraps and started cutting and placing them while referring to my photo.


Don’t forget have your backing down first, then your marked batting, before you start placing your small scraps of fabric on top of the marked batting.


Once all the pieces are in place, carefully take a piece of black tulle and place on top of your piece. Pin heavily into place.


Last step is quilting then binding!

Thank you for stopping by! I hope to have this piece in my shop by Monday! Come on by and have a look ~ http://www.thebutterflyquilter.com


2 responses to “WIP ~ The Trillium Flower

  1. terryaskeartquilts

    Fabulous flower quilt! Thanks for sharing your process. I just took some close up photos of purple dahlias. Maybe I’ll try this technique.

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