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Making of the trees ~ Sunlight through the Trees Quilt

If you want to see how the background was done check out my last blog post ~


Time to make the trees for my quilt.

Just walking around in my yard I was able to take a lot of photos of different tree barks.

Different tree trunks

Different tree trunks

I decided on the white birch.

tree 8

I knew my trees where not going to be an exact replica of the photo trees but I just wanted to get some ideas about how I was going to make my bark on the trees.

Pulling out my scrap box I separated out all my light batiks. I also pulled out some white burlap. Burlap adds another texture element.


I cut a thick strip of muslin for my foundation. I then cut out a strip of Mistyfuse and placed that on top. Placing different batik strips on top of the muslin and the Mistyfuse I heat set them in place using parchment paper over the top of the fabric just in case some Mistyfuse is not covered with fabric so it won’t stick to the iron.

Strip of muslin and a strip of Misty Fuse.

Strip of muslin and a strip of Misty Fuse.

My long tree trunk is all pieced and ready to add some texture. Carefully I bring it to my sewing machine.


Using a variegated thread of tan to brown with my darning foot, feed dogs down, I use a zig zag stitch to give the trunk more dimension. I just go back and forth and not care about the stitch length to add to the visual effect I am looking for.

Free motion quilt with zig zag.

Free motion quilt with zig zag.

My last step at the sewing machine is to add some embroidery thread and pieces of small strips of twisted fabric to add even more texture to the tree trunk.


Once I like the way it looks, I measure out my tree length and width to fit on my background piece. I mark the back of the trunk (or muslin side) with a pen and carefully cut along the line doing a little wobble–what tree trunk is perfectly straight?

Before I attach it to the background I want to add some shading to one side of the bark to give it a shadow effect. Taking out my shiva paints, I paint with a bronze first then a black lightly from the middle to the edge of my tree trunk. You can still see the fabric and the thread!

T&S 2 T&S3

I then take my background piece and add another strip of Mistyfuse and iron my trunk in place on top of the batting. When all the trees are done I will pin the top/batting onto a backing and quilt the background and outline the trees a little more.


So far this is what it looks like. You can see a round piece of fabric that will be quilted as the sun with rays shooting out. Seven more trees to go!!

Follow along as I finish up in my next blog post!



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