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The Story Behind the Quilt ~ Sunlight through the Trees

When I want to get inspiration for my next art quilt I just look through some photo’s, check out Pintrest or FB.  Setting up my boards on Pintrest I made one called “All Trees”. I love trees and lately it seems a lot of my quilts have been about trees.  Finding one photo shot of the sun coming through behind some trees gave me an idea for this next art quilt. I drew out a rough sketch of what I would like to see.

Sketch of tree quilt

Sketch of tree quilt

I had to figure out the  size I wanted my finished piece to be.  I cut a piece of batting and marked with a permanent black marker the outline of the trees.  I wanted the background or my forest floor to be deep greens and blues mixed in.

At a recent quilt show I found a package of Hoffman Bali Pops called Parrot!

Hoffman Bali Pops "Parrot"

Hoffman Bali Pops “Parrot”

I then took some of these strips and just cut some chunks out and mixed a pile on my cutting board.

PT 5

I then measured between my trees the open space.PT 3

I cut out a piece of “Mistyfuse” the size of the space!

PT 2

Once I laid the “Mistyfuse” in place I just started to add different pieces of the cut up fabric making sure you could not see the batting.  I then put parchment paper over the pieces and ironed them in place. Parchment paper is used in case you missed a spot, the fusible web will not stick to the iron.

PT 4

Once the background was all finished, I put it up on my design wall. I wanted to make sure that the pieces were sticking to my batting.

Background pieces done!

Background pieces done!

Now I am trying to decide whether to quilt the background at this point or just wait till I add the trees and then quilt it all in one step. My trees will be done on a background piece of muslin first. I will be sewing little strips in place one at a time. Fibers and burlap will be added to the trees also.



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