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WIP ~ An Idea That Is Taking Shape!

Going through my husbands photo’s it is easy for me to picture quilts of landscapes and nature. When he downloaded this photo on his website http://abeautifulsky.artistwebsites.com  I fell in love with this macro photo of a Viburnum.

Vibrant Viburnum

I love the texture of the leaf itself and wanted to get a large piece of fabric with the image on the fabric. I went to http://www.spoonflower.com and downloaded the image onto Organic Cotton Sateen because I love the shine on one side of this fabric.  I received it in the mail two days ago and it has been up on my design wall. The colors came out so much more saturated and true to the picture then when I had a photo done on Kona Cotton. This will be my choice of fabric when I choose to have a photo printed onto fabric.  The size of the fabric is 36 x 54.

A large piece but bright and beautiful.

I have an idea of what I want to do. To see how it might look  I went to my photo shop program and eliminated sections of the leaf,  this would be my cutting lines and 1/4 inch seam allowance.  I then have to decided if I want to quilt it in sections and connect the sections by hand dyed gauze or other fibers to make it look like little veins or piece it with white sashing  to make it look like it is floating from a distance.  The second thought  would be easier to do. I am always up for a challenge though!

Here is a photo of my idea.

Vibrant Viburnum

 One last thing to figure out is what direction someone would hang this. I think it could hang in any direction.

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