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The Story Behind The Quilt ~ Great Waas Island

I love nature. Any place we happen to move to or visit, we try to get out and see the sites. Here in Maine there are a lot of hiking trails to check out. Some we have to drive a distance to and others once you get there you have to hike a ways to get to the ocean.  Rocky Point at Great Waas Island is one of those places that you have to do both. Once you get to the trail head you have to hike anywhere between 45 minutes to an hour to make it to the coast. Once there you are mainly hiking on large pink granite boulders. It is a beautiful area. Of course you have to take your trusty camera with you or have a husband who is also a photographer! This was the photo I like the best from there.

Rocky Point at Great Wass Island

Rocky Point at Great Wass Island

Taking this photo I used my photoshop program and split the picture into three parts so that I could print off each page as an 8 x 10 image.

I will be making three separate quilts, one of each of these pages.

Fabric choices to go with the photo’s.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESI have three 8 x 10 canvases that I will be mounting these on when done.

After piecing the sky fabric and the water fabric I wanted to add clouds to the sky. Taking a piece of paper and just tearing it across this edge and then using it as a guide is how I added some clouds to my sky. I use Shiva Paint sticks!


Using my  light box, I work with one photo at a time and trace and cut out each section of fabric and then bond them into place on my background fabric.


It looks rough right now but once I do the thread work on it, it will blend better and look more like rocks, ocean, and sky.

I cut my batting for the back 8 x 10 and center it–fabric will be hanging outside the batting. The reason for this is that my quilts will be wrapped around canvas and it is too bulky with the batting.

I then quilted the sky and thought I would like to add some white clouds.

After washing fabric the edges have these strands attached,  I have been cutting them off and saving  them.


I take some of the white I have and place it on top of the sky area and quilt it down with a small zig zag stitch.


Next is lots and lots of thread work. Making the trees was fun with a variegated thread that I have of olive green to dark green. I love thread!

On the rocks, I only used two colors of thread to blend all the background together. I use a small zig zag stitch with my darning foot and feeddogs down. Black thread was used last to outline some boulders to give a sense of realism to the rocks.

Once each quilt is done I decided to cut around the edges and add a black border. So I cut my piece to wrap around the top part of the canvas about half way and then added the black fabric. Had to do some measuring to make sure.

Front of quilt

Front of quilt

Back of quilt

Back of quilt

Each piece when hung together looks like the full picture.

Great Wass Island mounted on canvas

Great Wass Island mounted on canvas

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Chapter 21 ~ I Love the Mariner Compass Block

I have to say my obsession with the Mariner Compass blocks came when the first paper piecing pattern came out back in 1985 for the Mariner’s Block. I took a class using the Lynn Graves technique. There is more than one way to paper piece, “Did you know that?” I didn’t at first because Lynn was the only one I had heard about. Once I took that class, I designed this quilt using her papers. This was my design and the photo’s are old so sorry about that! Before digital camera’s!

#068 Show Me the Way to Go #068 a Show Me the Way to Go

After doing this quilt I decided that I wanted to learn how to draft my own out, so onto another class. This one ended up being 35 inches round. That’s right nothing small for me!

#072 Mariners CompassAfter this I decided maybe I liked paper piecing better so I was able to draft out an oblong one used in the center of one of my quilts.

#081 a Men's group Project


Setting them in a circle or oval shape was trying at times, but I did figure out a way after a while. Then someone pointed me in the direction of another paper piecing mariners where there were no set-in circles by Cindi Edgerton from “A Very Special Collection.”

#082 Mariners Sample Class


Well, as time went by, I would return to my love for mariner’s and my love for perfect points on paper. My solution was to draft out my own mariner’s and incorporate those into a quilt with movement. The next two photo’s are what I have done since learning of this wonderful block!

#158 Galaxy


My last mariner’s quilt was a queen size bed quilt. I drafted out lots of little ones and some larger ones. I sold this quilt to raise money for the animal shelter in the area I live.

#165 Mariner's Rose-1 #165 aMariner's Rose-2


Sometime soon I think I will need to do another one. I just can’t seem to stay away from this wonderful block!



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