Story Behind The Quilt ~ “Sunset on the Lake” in winter

After my husband took this sunset photo of our frozen lake in winter,  I knew I had to do a quilt of it. I found this wonderful piece of dyed fabric at a quilt show that would be perfect for this project.

Photo by ~

Photo by ~

Printing an enlargement of the photo from my printer I could use this as my template and as my guide on where to place the rock formations in the ice as well as the tree lines. Pulling out my dyed pinks and red fabrics I adhered some light weight fusible web to the back.  I then used  my light box to trace the sunset clouds and ironed them in place onto my dyed background fabric. I did the same for my tree line using black batik fabric.


The boulders and large rocks came next. I took a small piece of batting, and using my light box, I placed the batting on top of the photo and outlined the rocks actually marking my batting piece with black marker. I then cut small pieces of different grays and black batik fabrics and laid them in place.


I always wash my fabrics when I get them and there is always these clumps or strings attached to the raw edges of the fabric. I have been cutting and saving these and wanted to use some white threads in my rock section.  I laid a few of these in different areas.


I then placed a piece of tulle over the rocks to hold everything in place. I then quilted heavily over the outer rock edges and some lighter quilting in the rocks. Later I would be quilting the rocks with more definition once pinned in place on top of the quilt. Put this aside for now.


Top half of quilt ~

Pinning my top into my three layers, backing, batting and top, I quilted the pink clouds in different colors of pink. I used strips of cheese cloth to add light clouds to make them look like they are floating. I pinned those in place with a few pins and carefully free motion quilted them down with white thread. Then I filled in the blue sky with a variegated thread. The trees were quilted in a variegated thread from white to black.


Bottom half of quilt –

Once the top half was done, I carefully laid white, grey with a sparkle, and red tulle on the bottom half.  Some areas had one layer, sometimes two layers to make the ice look thicker. I also added some more of my white strings under the tulle to make it look like cracks in the ice. Pinning it all in place, I then free motion quilted the ice.


The last thing I did was add my rocks. Carefully cutting the excess batting from my rock section, I sewed them into place on the quilt. Then I outlined the rocks with black thread to give them some definition.


Once finished, I squared the quilt up and bound it and put a sleeve on it. I put a label with my name, date, and number of my quilt. It was a fun process and I loved the way it came out!

Sunset on the Lake

Sunset on the Lake

Thank you for stopping by and to check out what I am working on next ~


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One response to “Story Behind The Quilt ~ “Sunset on the Lake” in winter

  1. Deborah Montford

    That is so beautiful…you are so artistic and creative. Thank you for sharing this.. One day I will attempt to try what you do…i may have to ask for pointers though! Again…just lovely!!!

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