Story Behind the Quilt ~ Making of Viburnum Leaf Quilt

Making of my  leaf quilt ~ to catch up here is the last post

Usually I am really excited about starting a new art quilt project but with my leaf quilt I had it sitting there for a couple of weeks.  I realized I didn’t like the backing that I chose for it so I went shopping for more fabric. Not a hardship at all!  I found this perfect Halloween orange for the backing and bought the last 2 1/2 yards which will work out just perfect! I then cut my leaf up into 4 sections.

Backing Fabric

Backing Fabric

I  went through my stash of threads and pulled out some oranges, yellows, variegated and some reds! Each section of the leaf is going to have a different thread color and the free motion quilting design. I know, it sounds a little crazy!

Some of the threads!

Some of the threads!

I started with the middle two sections of the leaf and finished those up. The most time consuming part for me was the quilt facing technique. I saved this blog from “terryaskartquilts” which was great to follow.

I love how it looks. When two sections were done, I layer them side by side. See how the quilting design from one piece carries over to the other piece.

Two middle sections done!

Two middle sections done!

How am I going to connect these pieces together?

  I found some bright yellow embroidery floss and I have some bright yellow burlap that I am pulling apart and getting long strains from it.  I will add them together and sew them with a zig zag stitch along each of the veins in the leaf.   These strands will be holding the pieced sections together!  It will look like it is floating!

Burlap strands and yellow embroidery floss.

Burlap strands and yellow embroidery floss.

Drawing of what I want it to look like when done!

Drawing of what I want it to look like when done!

I have three sections done.  One I still need to bind.  Of course I added a small butterfly with the same colors as the leaf.

Three sections almost done!

Three sections almost done!

Here is a close up!  You can see some of my free motion quilting and color thread choices!


Only one more section to go then I will be doing all my embroidery thread and burlap strands!

Check back in to see the finished quilt and thanks for stopping by!




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5 responses to “Story Behind the Quilt ~ Making of Viburnum Leaf Quilt

  1. Pat

    Wow!!! That’s a lot of quilting!, I love it!

  2. Kathy kinsella


  3. Even though I read it and see what you are doing…I am still in awe! You are so talented and your ideas so very beautiful!😊

  4. Love, love, love the effect you are creating!

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