Trying Quilt As You Go Method on “Ocean Summer Leaves”

 I have always wanted to try a “Quilt As You Go” method. Looking on the net I found one that I thought might work for me.

Instead of quilting one block at a time I wanted to quilt large sections together then connect those sections. By quilting in smaller sections I am also able to pin baste the sections (or sandwich the sections) on my craft table instead of on my floor.


After each section is quilted I squared them up and got my strips ready to piece the sections together. I tried cutting the back piece one inch like the video stated.  My first sections I had to take it all apart. My walking foot is large and hard to get 1/4 inch seam,  so I ended up cutting my back strips  to 1 1/4 inch wide. This worked out perfect. I also had to add a piece of the border fabric to the end of my top strips.  My borders were pieced  as  part of the blocks instead of a separate border that you would add on later.

Adding a piece of the border fabric to end of top strips.

Adding a piece of the border fabric to end of top strips.

Showing the connecting top strips!

View from the front of quilt with connecting strips!

View from the back with connecting strip!

View from the back with connecting strip!

Three middle sections sewn together.  The striped fabric is where the sections meet.


After doing the top and bottom sections then they were all put together.

*** Make sure all your sections are squared up and measuring all the same size.

It takes a lot of pins and it took longer than I thought but it did work out in the end!

Straight line quilting!

Straight line quilting!

Finished quilt is 88x102

Finished quilt is 88×102

View from the back.


You are using more fabric because each section needs a little extra batting and backing around the edges due to pinning each section separately before quilting.

 All and all I am happy I tried it!

My cat loved it before I was done piecing it as you can see!


On to the next project!



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8 responses to “Trying Quilt As You Go Method on “Ocean Summer Leaves”

  1. Your finished quilt is really pretty, Patricia … I have been tempted to try this method, too, and you give me hope 🙂

  2. Pat

    That is fantastic!!! Love your quilt and your cat!!

  3. Fur Baby says it all! Great project. Thanks for sharing.
    Love your use of the striped fabrics. It really adds a fun design element!

  4. Holy cow…..I give you alot of credit for trying it! And what a beautiful result. I really like the fabrics you chose.

  5. Love the fabrics in your quilt!

  6. twistedsticks

    Looks great! Love doing the quilt as you go!

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