WIP Wednesday ~ Going with the Flow Galaxy Quilt

Lately I have just been going with the flow with my quilting designs.  This one piece of dyed fabric I bought at the MQX show in February just made me think of Outer Space.  I loved the movement and the colors.  It was dyed first then marbleized with a sparkle added to it.  I just had to have it!

I decided not to cut this piece up in anyway so I would be doing raw edge appliqué. Drafting out the stars and planets on paper first, then using my light box I was able to draw out my spikes and circles for the planets and stars. Using fusible web I adhered the pieces to the background.

First star in place!

First star in place!

I also wanted to try something new that I haven’t tried ~  Angelina Fibers!

DIfferent color Angelina Fibers!

Different color Angelina Fibers!

After following the directions I placed them under the edge of the large planet at the bottom of my art piece. I then fused the edge of the planet carefully with the fibers in place.  I will gently move them out of the way to quilt the background then quilt them down in place!

Angelina Fibers

See how they sparkle!

I went ahead and did some other stars and planets and one comet. My husband thought I should have a comet. I had some purple burlap and used that and have some green burlap that I will use as the tail of the comet when I put the final fibers on the quilt. Not added yet!

Almost all the planets and stars in place!

Almost all the planets and stars in place!

Going with the flow ~ I started by using white thread and following along the white on the fabric.  Kind of like inter cosmic dust.  This planet I had pieces of fabric on batting then tulle and sewn into place. Each planet and star is different!

White thread!

White thread!

Next I used a light turquoise blue thread to follow  the marbling of the fabric design.  I have one section done!


When I stand back and look at the quilt I realize I am going to be adding some large beads as star bursts here and there and some fibers.

Going with the flow means when you feel you want to do something and you are not sure how it will come out, just go with it. You will be so surprised on how freeing it is. Things just happen in a good way.

I hope to have this Galaxy Art Quilt done next week and available in my shop ~ https://www.etsy.com/shop/thebutterflyquilter

Check out what other great quilters are working on at ~ http://teamquiltsy.blogspot.com




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3 responses to “WIP Wednesday ~ Going with the Flow Galaxy Quilt

  1. I can see why you couldn’t resist that piece of fabric, Patricia … what a gorgeous way to use it!

  2. Carol Ann Johnston

    looking beautiful

  3. Thank you Kathy and Carol! This is why I love to go to Quilt Shows to see the unique fabric that you can find!

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