Abstract Art Pieced

We have been so busy this last week trying to clear away all the downed trees from this passed winter.  My husband has been chain sawing away and I have been hauling away to make a big pile of  wood. Next we will cut into wood stove size pieces and rent a splitter. From there we just need to pile and stack. It is a good workout! We work a full day then take two off to recuperate.

On the days of rest I have been busy piecing my new abstract quilt top! Here is my design!

Abstract Quilt

Abstract Quilt

Here is the finished pieced top! Going to try to quilt this and get it finished this week. On my list of things to do!

Pieced top!

Pieced top!

Bright and colorful! Made with a combination of batiks and dyed fabrics!





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5 responses to “Abstract Art Pieced

  1. Pat

    Love this, it makes me think of the universe!

  2. Kathy kinsella

    What a fun quilt … It epitomizes the joy of spring! Have a delightful time with the quilting!

  3. Lovely piece, want to see how you quilt it. Your work is beautiful

  4. WONDERFUL COLORS!!! Love the flow of the design….you continue to amaze, Patricia!

  5. Thank you every one for you kind comments!

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