Story Behind the Quilt ~ Cat Face Mounted on Canvas

After taking some pictures of my cat I wanted to do another thread art piece with just her face. I sat and took some photos of her face when the sun came out. She is a Tortie and has so many different colors going thru her.

Original Photo

Original Photo

After downloading a new program that my husband wanted to use called Topaz Simplify 4, I changed her using one of the filter effects.

Destiny Line and ink 2

See how soft she looks now. Like a painting! I also wanted to enhance her colors so they would stand out, so I fooled around with saturation and contrast and another setting in the photo program.

Destiny Line and ink 2a

Everything is enhanced! Love it.

I then printed out the photo onto a photo fabric sheet size 8×10. Then I used two layers of medium stabilizer and went at it!

I drop my feed dogs, put on my darning foot, and carefully go back and forth using small stitches to fill in each area with matching thread. This also gives the feel of fur if I do this in small strokes. I start in the middle and work my way out, changing the thread color often.

I left the black areas for last. I added my batting and went back to thread painting and filled in all the black. This gives it a little depth.

Her eyes didn’t come out the way I wanted them too. I tried different thread colors and finally I decided to just paint in on top of the thread the color I wanted her eyes to be.

Paint over thread!

Paint over thread!

Once she was done I steam ironed her flat and squared up the quilt. I then edged the piece with a satin cord of white with a white zig zag stitch so the edges where closed. I then used a heavy duty Heat N Bond and ironed it to the back of the piece. (Make sure that the Heat N Bond is the same size as the quilt or a touch smaller when you cut it out).  I painted the  canvas to mount her on Black. Once the paint dried  I ironed on the quilted piece to the canvas.  Last step was to paint her whiskers on the background canvas! She’s done!


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4 responses to “Story Behind the Quilt ~ Cat Face Mounted on Canvas

  1. It’s really neat to see the process…the few times I’ve done thread painting it’s been a LOT of work!

  2. Pat

    It really is neat to see how you do your art!! I love your kitty!

  3. Love your technique! Thank you for the instructions on how you thread paint!

  4. Very interesting to see the steps involved, plus you had a great subject to work with! Happy Birthday (a bit early) to you!

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