WIP ~ Continue the “Cat on Quilt”

Now that my cat is done ~  https://thebutterflyquilter.wordpress.com/2014/03/24/wip-cat-on-quilt-photo/

I have to piece my  background.  I ended up having to piece each of the  quilts like I would a regular quilt. At first I thought I would just heat n’ bond each piece into place but changed my mind and ended up piecing each quilt separately, then joining them together before attaching the cat to the background.

Full size printed out for background

Full size print of background

My fabric choices for the background quilts.



Two section of pieced background done.

Two sections of pieced background done.

another quilt pieced

last two sections pieced

Now that all the background quilts are done,  I had to figure out how to piece them all together.  I ended up laying them where I wanted them to go and took a water soluble  blue marker and marked them each in place. Cut each one out adding a 1/4 inch seam allowance and piecing them together in different steps.  Most were set in seams which are always fun!

Last was adding the cat which was pinned in place with a lot of pins then I  used a clear monofilament thread with a small zig zag stitch to sew in place. When I go to quilt the top I will add more threading around the edges of the cat. 

Original Photo

Original Photo

Finished Top

Finished Top

With left over pieces of the pieced small quilts that I cut off to square up the quilt,  I was able to cut them up into strips and made the outer border with them. You can see pieces of the log cabin blocks and star blocks.

    I plan on quilting her this week.  Each of the quilts will be quilted like I would a quilt top with its own design.

If you would like to see what some other quilters are working on hop on over to ~ http://teamquiltsy.blogspot.com



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2 responses to “WIP ~ Continue the “Cat on Quilt”

  1. I love it! You plans for quilting sound wonderful, can’t wait!

  2. Pat

    You just amaze me all the time! She looks so real! Love the idea for the outside. Can’t wait for the finished piece.

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