WIP ~ Cat on Quilt Photo

Remember this was my next project I wanted to tackle ~ Take a photo I took awhile ago and make it into a quilt!

Cat on Quilt

Cat on Quilt

Change the photo in Photoshop to a line drawing. Printed out the line drawing to the actual size that the quilt will end up being once pieced.


Just finished my cat. This was done in a  different way then I would normally do my thread painting. I wanted to try a new way.  I found this product called Transfer-Eze  (http://rulerkorrall.com) at a quilt show a long time ago and found them in my stash the other day. They are washable transfer sheets that you can run through your computer.  I placed those sheets on top of white fabric with a medium weight stabilizer behind. I then  started thread painting with my darkest thread, filling in all the areas that were going to be dark. From there I went to lighter shades till I got to white. I bought a group set of threads called Pepper and Salt from Connecting Threads ( http://www.connectingthreads.com)  that worked wonderful for the shading. Thread art cart

I cut all the excess fabric around the cat and then soaked it in hot water for ten minutes to eliminate the transfer washable sheet layer.  Once the transfer sheets washed away I could see the white background in places that I missed, so back to more thread painting.

From a distance she looks so real. She is 14″ wide x 25″ long. I am not going to tell you how many bobbins I used for her because I lost count! After she was done I realized she shrunk a lot more than I thought so I had to print out my new quilt background design smaller.

close up of face

close up of face

Brought some fabric that is all grey and white with a little bit of tans thrown in. I need to piece the background before sewing her into place!

If you would like to see my other art quilts hop on over to ~ thebutterflyquilter.com



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7 responses to “WIP ~ Cat on Quilt Photo

  1. Love your thread painting…great details!!!!

  2. What a fun project – that’s awesome the work you’re doing on it. Can’t wait to see each step. This could be an award winner!

  3. Your cat looks so real! Fantastic!!!

  4. Kathy kinsella

    She looks SO real … Her personality is there in your thread painting!

  5. Pat

    I agree with Kathy, she looks sooooo real! I just want to reach out and pet her! Love your work!

  6. This looks amazing. I can’t imagine ow much time it took and I can’t wait to see the finished piece!

  7. Thanks for sharing the process! Glad you’re back!

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