The Story Behind The Quilt ~ World Wide Quilting Day March 15th!

World Wide Quilting Day is March 15th and my Quiltsy Team on Etsy decided to come up with two challenges I wanted to take part in this week.
Challenge #1 ~ make a  quilt using green, purple and yellow fabrics!  Challenge #2 ~  Go back to your first quilt and see what you could come up with using your first block or quilt design.  I made a choice to combine both challenges.

My first quilt was a snow ball design. I was living in a rural part of England when I learned to quilt.  A friend taught me one on one and let me use her sewing machine.  I failed sewing in high school. I still can’t sew clothing. I don’t even know how to put a zipper in. One day I will challenge myself! My friends get a kick out of this!

Back to my first quilt. Cotton fabric was hard to come by. I ended up using sheets by Sheridon. I know–how can I remember the name of the sheets  after all these years? To be honest I loved those sheets. I made a bedspread out of the same sheets and bought an extra set for my bed.  I even bought a matching wallpaper boarder. Back in the early 90’s I had to have everything match. The design we found in a book ended up having the wrong directions but we (my teacher and I) made it work. This first one was hand quilted.

First Quilt!

First Quilt!

This is the bed quilt I did later!

Queen size quilt

Queen size quilt

So this is the block I came up with. An elongated snow ball block with purple, yellow and green. Plus a few more colors. Some dyed fabrics mixed in with some batiks!

Top unquilted

Pieced top

They kind of look like striped eggs! LOL At least now I can machine quilt which I love to do. I personally think it belongs on the ugly bus (where it gets on to an unknown destination never to be seen again), but someone might like it!

snowball 3 snowball4

Check out the Quiltsy Team Blog on Etsy to see what other quilters came up with for this challenge.


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  1. I love your wall hangings and quilts. I have just started myself in the past two years to explore fiber arts and am loving every minute of it.

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