The Story Behind the Quilt ~ Photo of a Cat on Quilts

 Organizing my photo’s on my computer I  came across  a photo that I took while taking a photography class a long time ago. It was a class where I learned to develop my own film.  I can’t remember the assignment but I fell in love with this photo.  I was just learning machine quilting, I was still hand quilting (which I do every now and then) and I had my projects spread all over my guest bed.  Some are finished, some are not.  My young cat at the time came in and decided to lounge on top of all my quilts in the sun light. If you have a cat you know they love to snuggle in quilts and bask in the sunlight.

Cat on Quilts

Cat on Quilts

I think this would make a great wall quilt! Maybe like a 3-D effect with one edge of a  finished quilt  on top of the others. The original photo is in black and white.  I could change it and add color using my photo shop program. I have photo’s of the quilts she is sitting on and I could make my wall quilt the same. The cat is gray and white.

So the question is ~ Do I do the quilts in color or  do I keep with the original  photo and make the quilt black and white?

If you would like to see my art quilts hop on over to ~



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5 responses to “The Story Behind the Quilt ~ Photo of a Cat on Quilts

  1. Love the photo! It would be great to do a b/w quilt with just a touch of color. Maybe the cat’s eyes and two or three colors in a quilt.

  2. Patricia

    Great photo patty! Love Sally’s idea of just a few splashes of color.

  3. Great minds think alike! I was thinking of the cats eyes as bright green!

  4. Gail

    I really like the black and white. But without seeing the actual quilt colors, it’s impossible to say.

  5. Your grey and white cat might get a little lost in the background if the quilt is all black-and-white (even with green eyes).

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