WIP #6 ~ The Starting Idea Of My Dyed Fabric Quilt

Can you say a fabric is luscious? I sure did when I received my order from Vicki Welsh’s shop! (Vickiwelsh.com) If you love the look of dyed fabric this is the place to stop in and look around. I found this wonderful piece of Pueblo brown and I ordered some of her standard packs of yellow, yellow-green, and red-yellow.  You really have to see the brown in person. Has a lovely movement to it!

sun dyed 3

I don’t design by looking at a fabric to see what I can come up with. My usual design method is coming up with a design then looking thru my fabrics.  This time I wanted to make something specific for this fabric.

I see a photo or something in a magazine and think that would be a beautiful quilt. I then get out my sketch pad and rearrange or add something to it or just change the whole design. I don’t like to copy anyone. So doodling on my sketch pad I came up with this little design that will be made larger.

sun dyed draftI will have some tweaking to do to get it where I want it but so far I am really liking it.

Now I will have to figure out where I will put which colors and the size of it.

sun dyed 2I am not cutting up the brown background fabric so I want as much as possible to be scene. I hope to have my large template for this done this week and already starting to piece it or appliqué it.

If you want to see what some other wonderful quilters are working on hop on over to ~ http://teamquiltsy.blogspot.com



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2 responses to “WIP #6 ~ The Starting Idea Of My Dyed Fabric Quilt

  1. Love those fabrics. That quilt will be awesome!

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