The Story Behind the Quilt ~ Raising Money for the PAWS

We had lost our last cat and the house was empty when I noticed the local animal shelter. I stopped in just to see what it was like. I have never been in a shelter before. PAWS was a no kill shelter in this area.  I decided to volunteer there a couple of mornings a week. I began to realize how much the shelter needed. I was a little shocked. The shelter lives on donations and times were tough in this little community with the Mill’s closing down and laying off their employee’s. People were dropping off their animals because they couldn’t feed them.

In Memory Of Patches and Tigger

In Memory Of Our Cats

If you have any animals in your life you know how much they mean to you and your family. To me they are family.  My husband was so afraid that I would start to bring them all home from the shelter! But as I fell in love with one or another, they would taken home by someone. My husband was safe for the time being.

Sold To Raise Money

Sold To Raise Money for PAWS

After volunteering at the shelter I knew I needed to do something to help bring in some much needed supplies and raise awareness that there was a shelter in the area. The question came up, “How could I raise some money for the shelter?” What do I have that I could sell? Quilts!

Sold To Raise Money For PAWS

Sold To Raise Money For PAWS

Years of quilting had left me with a few quilts. Well, OK lots of quilts. I went thru my stash of quilts, you know the ones that you wanted to try something new or the ones that you really didn’t like the way it turned out. Ones that have been folded and kept away and never used, those quilts.  I contacted the local Quilt Guild in the area and found out that there was going to be a quilt show in 6 weeks in the local area. I met with the committee and I paid for a booth/spot at the show. They were also kind enough to let me hang across from my booth two sections of quilts for sale and one special quilt. The special quilt was about my two cats who had passed and how I wanted to raise money for the shelter.

Sold To Raise Money for PAWS

Sold To Raise Money for PAWS

I went thru all my supplies and had a car full of stuff including stencils that I had not used in years. The kind that you mark your quilt with to free motion quilt. I had over 100 of these. OK I was a little obsessive about stencils. I used to machine quilt for a business. I also made 25 quilted paper back book covers to sell. One special quilt I decided to price really high thinking it would not sell. Little did I know it brought in the most because the buyer paid me $500 more than I had asked! I also sold some of my display pieces. I had an antique trunk that I had some of the quilts in. I had antique cups and saucers on a table on top of a quilt that a women insisted I sell! Which I did! I made sure that customers new that 100% of all the money went to the shelter.

Sold To Raise Money For PAWS

Sold To Raise Money For PAWS

While the show was going on I had a raffle quilt at the local Vet’s office selling tickets to raise more money and awareness that there was a local No Kill shelter in the area.

Raffled of to Raise Money for PAWS

Raffled off to Raise Money for PAWS

I was so happy when I handed a check over to the shelter with funds raised in this small community.

 I had to leave the shelter after that because I was becoming too attached with so many of the little ones and the older ones that I knew would live there for the rest of their lives.

I did walk out with one of my own though so my house is not empty anymore.



What can you do for your local shelter to raise awareness and money?



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5 responses to “The Story Behind the Quilt ~ Raising Money for the PAWS

  1. A wonderful story that brought tears to my eyes.

  2. What a wonderful way to raise money for a cause you love! (And the quilts are fabulous, also!)

  3. Thanks for sharing the story ~ and for sharing your gift of quilt-making to help raise money for PAWs!!!

  4. I always new you were a special person, Patricia. These animals are so luck to have you in their lives…just like me!

  5. Kathy kinsella

    What an incredible way to raise funds for the animal shelter! Your quilts are SO beautiful and I’m sure the people who purchased them and the animals who benefited from the income were all very pleased.

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