WIP and What Not #5 ~ My Sew Room!

For the past month I have been trying to organize my sew room and I finally have it the way I think I can function with it. One problem I have is that my large daylight basement room is also the guest room and on top of that our house is for sale. Trying to keep it looking clean and being able to put everything in its place if someone decides to stop by and look is the challenge.

First is fabric storage. I had a couple of bins of batiks and cottons mixed together and it was getting hard to separate and look for what I needed. I love batiks! I am a batik girl.  I decided that each color of my batiks needed a special container, even the smalls scraps go into the container that has that color. Each box has tape across it with the color that is in the box.

Batik Fabric Corner

Batik Fabric Corner

I decided to go thru all my cotton fabric and just give most of it away. Yup sent it off in the mail to a friend, hoping she could use it. I kept just a little bit of it.  A great way for me to store the small amount of cotton fabric that I had  was getting a closet sweater holder and putting fabric in the shelves instead of sweaters. It attaches to the hanger rod  in my guest closet.

Closet sweater holder great for holding fabrics

Closet sweater holder great for holding fabrics

I bought three thread containers to hold all my thread. I colorized them and each thread has its bobbin with it. Did I mention I love thread. I might need to pick up a fourth container.

Thread Containers

Thread Containers

I then found this photo holder container with different inner containers. In these I colorized my fibers and my buttons. Holds quite a lot!

Fiber and Button storage

Fiber and Button storage

With all my magazines I collect, I went thru them and cut out what I wanted to keep. Especially those that have free motion quilting designs in them. I put them in plastic sleeves and in notebooks. Easy to look thru and try when I have the chance.

MagazineI found this big wardrobe at a discount place. The bottom section holds all my different paints and inks. The top section holds my storage boxes and my binders of different information.



On one side of the wardrobe I was able to add screws and hang most of my rulers! The other side is where I tacked some felt to the wall and use as my design wall. I will have to come up with something better some time.

Hanging rulers

Hanging rulers

Now my cutting table is a craft table. If you use a craft table to cut on you might want to add blocks of wood that will raise the height of the table. Using 4 x 4 blocks with a little grove so the table doesn’t slip worked out great! This saved my lower back from being in pain when I am cutting a lot.

Add blocks of wood to make the table higher

Add blocks of wood to make the table higher

Now the sewing machine table my husband built for me. I had two craft legs from a broken craft table that worked out perfect. Using ply wood for the top and a little bit heavier wood for  building the sewing machine platform that is bolted in. He did a bunch a fussy cutting so I can reach my bobbin latch to change my bobbin out without taking my machine out. The height was measured so the machine was flush with the top. I then secured clear heavy plastic vinyl to the top plywood so when I am quilting the fabric slides easily.


sew machine 2

My sew room is ready to go and if I have a guest, a futon that folds out to a double bed is ready!

Full sew roomIf you have a great idea for storage please pass it on.

If you would like to see what is going on with some wonderful quilters hop on over to Quiltsy and check them out




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5 responses to “WIP and What Not #5 ~ My Sew Room!

  1. Very nice B’fly! I especially like that table your DH made. I also store most of my thread this way. I have 4 containers. I have one of those boards with nails for all of my older threads. I keep it in my fabric closet because it’s huge. My DH made it for me before we were married.

  2. So very organized! I keep things by color also. I find I can locate things quickly when inspiration strikes.

  3. Pat

    You are so organized! You have given me so many ideas.

  4. Kathy kinsella

    Great organization … I tidied one of my yarn bins this week, does that count?

  5. Wow! This is what I call organized! It looks great! I’m not that bad either; most fabrics sorted on colors and scraps in 2 & 2.5 inch squares in containers.
    Thanks for the comment on my blog! I have sinned already and a piece of fabric is on its way! 🙂

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