WIP 4 ~ Spring Time in the Air?

Maybe we have a couple of more weeks until spring time but when I got these pastel batiks in the mail I just had to do something light and springy.

Spring timejpg

I love to do things free form so I ended up sewing strips of colored batiks in sets of four then adding some white and another set of four.  I had some Snow White Kona fabric in my stash and decided to do a light bright wall hanging quilt. Once I laid the strips out I decided to add a 2 inch strip of white in between. Too much white! So I cut and add another small strip of the batik pastel going in a different direction. I kept doing this  until I liked what I had. This is what I call free form quilting.

Close up of top

Close up of top

Top pieced

Top pieced

With all these straight lines I wanted to add some quilted circles. I used different size round objects to make the circles and marked my quilt top with water soluble blue marker.  I added some smaller round circles within the larger circles.

Marking of circles

Marking of circles

 In the  circles I decided to quilt a pebble design.  Each one a different pastel color to match the pastel batik fabrics. This is why I collect thread,  just to make sure I have a color that matches.

Quilting inside the circles

Quilting inside the circles

Blue washable marker removed after quilting

Blue washable marker removed after quilting

I didn’t get as far as I wanted to this week but it is coming along!

If you want to see what some other quilters are up to hop on over to ~ http://teamquiltsy.blogspot.com

If you would like to see some of my other quilts hop on over to ~ Thebutterflyquilter.com



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4 responses to “WIP 4 ~ Spring Time in the Air?

  1. I love all of those soft colors with the white. The quilting is going to really make it special!

  2. I love pastels!! This is turning out really nice! 🙂

  3. Kathy Kinsella

    Delightful and spring-like . . . those circles do take time to quilt, don’t they!

  4. Love that pebble quilting!!

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