WIP ~ 3A : Making Three Dimensional Flowers

Well I finally decided what flowers I wanted to add to my background piece. I fell in love with this photo of an African Daisy. Trying to get the petals to fold and make three dimensional was by trial and error. Tried a couple of different methods before I settled on this one.

Trying out different pedals

Trying out different petals

Cut two pieces of fabric out to a length that you would need for one set of flower petals. Lay one piece of fabric down on ironing board, then a piece of pellon fusible interfacing, then the second piece of fabric. Iron all three together.

Iron them all together

Iron them all together

Taking my template (after many tries to see what worked) I marked as many petals as I could fit with a water soluble blue pen.

Flowers 2I then did a satin stitch over the marked outline.

Flowers 3Cutting carefully outside each petal without cutting the satin stitch. I then went to the hot iron and folded over the outer edges.

Flowers 4

Now carefully stitch with same thread and a satin stitch in the center area to hold in place.

see stitching from the back of pedal.

see stitching from the back of petal.

I laid out the flower petals to see what it will look like.

First one done

First one done

Next will be another flower where the petals start to open more and then a full flower. I have to quilt the background first before adding the petals!

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7 responses to “WIP ~ 3A : Making Three Dimensional Flowers

  1. Debbie

    I love it! I’ll have to try this technique.
    Debbie (DebiDesigns at Etsy, Quiltsy Team)

  2. Debbie

    Oh I just had a thought, did you think it could be 3-D to just stitch the sides down on the background and leave the top part of the petal free to stand out?

  3. Love this!!! What a dramatic effect!!! Can’t wait to see the other flowers!!!

  4. Maryellen

    This is really cool! I love reading about how you think.

  5. Kathy kinsella

    Great way of creating these petals! I love these flowers and you have really captured their essence.

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