WIP #3 ~ The Start of the Flower Garden

My new fiber art quilt is up and running. First I drafted out what I wanted my pieced background to be. To get perfect circles I use a compass.

New Art Quilt

New Art Quilt

I then scanned my  sketch onto my computer.  Using a program, I reverse the image and then enlarged the image to the size that I want my background to be. I then printed out about 20 pages and taped them all together. Once that was done I used freezer paper and traced the whole piece.  I made registration marks and numbered each piece so when I lay one piece on top of another I can match up the registration marks.

Freezer paper with marks

Freezer paper with registration marks!

Step one ~ I  carefully cut out each piece of freezer paper template and iron it on to the fabric with shinny side down.

New flower 2

Step two ~ Cut the fabric 1/4  inch all around away from the freezer paper. This is your seam allowance.

Flower 3
Step three ~ To sew template #1 onto template #2 I have to fold under one side of the fabric to the back of the freezer paper. I use template #2 to fold under and leave template #1 alone.  I clip every 1/2 inch of template #2 seam allowance then I brush on starch ( I have a small paint brush I use. Try not to get the freezer paper wet) and iron my seam allowance over to the paper side.  The starch makes the seam crisp.

New flower4

I use my light box and line up the pieces and pin it like crazy to keep it in place, lining up the registration marks.

Use light box to line up registration marks

Use light box to line up registration marks

I use monofilament thread with a small zig zag to connect the pieces.

New flower 6

My background is finished. Now I am deciding on what flowers to put in my garden!

Background done

Background done ! Size is 40″ x 36″

I also wanted to add some butterflies to my quilt. When I came across Gail’s shop I saw some embroidered free standing lace butterflies. I  had to have these for my quilt. I just received them in the mail today and they are beautiful.  If you love free standing embroidery lace please check out her shop at ~  https://www.etsy.com/shop/quiltsewlace

Lace Butterflies from QuiltSewLace.etsy.com

Lace Butterflies from

If you wish to see what some other wonderful quilters are working on this WIP Wednesday hop on over to ~ http://teamquiltsy.blogspot.com



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2 responses to “WIP #3 ~ The Start of the Flower Garden

  1. twistedsticks

    Great info. I am always looking for new ways to do things and new things to try. Love your work!!

  2. I loved seeing your process! Very nice!

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