2014 ~ WIP 2 ~ The Chickadee Tree

With the ice storm that came thru and other snowy weather the birds are looking hard for food. We have two feeders we keep full all winter long. When I went out to fill them on the first sunny day we had I was surrounded by Chickadee’s in the trees.   As I watch them dive bomb for the feeder not caring if I was in the way I decided to grab my camera.  My husband grabbed his and we both stood in the cold to take as many pictures as we could of the birds as they were coming and going to the feeders.  Do you know how fast Chickadee’s can move? Pretty fast! Most of my pictures were a bust. I got maybe one out of 100. My husband took about 300. How many do you think came out? Not many. I had empty tree limbs and blurred images. Out of all those I found some I could work with! My thought was quilting a Chickadee Tree.



I want to make it really abstract but needed some blue sky fabric. Looking around I found this beautiful blue dyed fabric from Vicki Welsh’s shop. If you love dyed fabric then you must visit her shop. If  I had tons of money I would buy a little of everything. Check her shop out at vickiwelsh.etsy.com.

Dyed Fabric

Dyed Fabric by vickiwelsh.etsy.com

The hard part now is piecing the design  I see in my head. That means I have to cut up this beautiful fabric. Sometimes I find that hard to do.

Also on my list this week was  getting my sew room organized. I am always  trying to find ways to get organized.  A  seller on Etsy had just posted these wonderful organizers. When I saw them I said to myself, “I need that”.  I always lose my spare glasses,  my hand lotion, one set of scissors, nail file (I am always breaking a nail), pencils, blue markers ……. you know what I mean, and needed a place to store them.  I love Laura Burch fabrics and cats so it was like a sign that said, “Buy Me” and I did. I could use a dozen of these all over the house and work area.  Aviva just has a talent for making great stuff that we need. Her purses are wonderful. OK I have one of those also! Go check out her shop at sieberdesigns.etsy.com and see all the wonderful colors these organizers come in. I bet you can’t live without one yourself!

Organizer by sieberdesigns.etsy.com

Organizer by sieberdesigns.etsy.com

Come along and check out what some other quilters are working on  at http://teamquiltsy.blogspot.com



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6 responses to “2014 ~ WIP 2 ~ The Chickadee Tree

  1. Pat

    Beautiful pictures! Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  2. Aviva

    love the Chickadee Tree! The Organizer looks great! Thanks for the shout out!

  3. What a pretty background! Can’t wait to see what you do with it!

  4. Kathy kinsella

    Gorgeous chickadee photos! Their personalities really come through … I look forward to seeing your art quilt!

  5. Wow these birds are fantastic!! Did you use free motion to do all that thread work? I am envious!

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