Jan 2014 WIP #1 ~ How Does Your Garden Grow

Sometimes I sit and think “what am I going to work on next?” Then I read a magazine and it  jumps out at you. The Dec/Jan issue of Quilting Arts Magazine has a readers challenge called “How Does Your Garden Grow”.   My first design was a lot of flowers with butterflies but that changed when something else struck me, “Why not a night garden?” Doing a google search of flowers that bloom in the night, I fell in love with the Nottingham Catchfly. Named because it grew along the walls of Nottingham Castle in England.

Nottingham Catchfly

Nottingham Catchfly

I started off with a blue/black batik fabric and wanted to add some kind of clouds or fog over a full moon. Adding tulle then quilting into place worked out really well for the effect I was looking for.

Night garden

Adding my stems and buds next using a variegated thread of different greens. I laid some of the petals out to see how it will look.

Pedals need to be attached.

Petals need to be attached.

I wanted the flower petals to look three dimensional. Using ultra hold  Heat n’ Bond, I ironed on a square of it onto one side of my pink batik fabric, ironed in place, removed paper backing, then ironed on a second piece of pink fabric.   Both sides are now glued together.night garden 2Using my light box I traced my individual petals for my flowers and cut them out. The petals will only be attached at the center which is my next step. I plan on adding some beading in the center of each of the flowers. I went ahead and bound it just in case the petals lay across some part of the binding.

Decision ~ Should I enter this in the readers challenge or just list it in my Etsy shop at thebutterflyquilter.com

Come along and see some other WIP projects that are going on at http://teamquiltsy.blogspot.com

Just finished!

contest garden

#54 night garden 1a



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9 responses to “Jan 2014 WIP #1 ~ How Does Your Garden Grow

  1. Lovely work of art! I think you should enter it, then list it

  2. Pat

    I agree with the above!!! Love it!

  3. Kathy Kinsella

    That is SO gorgeous, Patricia … I love the beading in the flower centres! Definitely enter it . . . and then list it!

  4. Love this work but more than that it’s nice to follow your creative process! So pretty!

  5. Beautiful! I agree – enter it, then list it when you get it back.

  6. I agree, enter it! So pretty – you do wonderful work!

  7. The flowers are beautiful! Yes enter it, enter it!

  8. I did enter it. So will find out soon!

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