Holidays and New Year

Happy Holidays! I know you do not want to be thinking about the New Year but it has been on my mind lately. Resolutions are always hard so why not take a different approach and make a resolution you might like. Since I love quilting and fiber art this is going to be my resolution ~ I am going to try some new things to push myself, expand and learn some new techniques. By doing this you can decide whether you like it or not. You don’t have to stick to it if you don’t.

First thing on my list is to enter more contests. Wether it be in major quilt shows or magazine contests.  I still have a hard time putting my work out there. I just got excepted into the AQS show in Phoenix, AZ for February 5th ~ 8th 2014. I am still a little in shock when I get excepted to any major show. I have only tried for two shows this year but next year I think I might go for it! So my “Soaring Butterflies” will be on its way at the end of the month.

Soaring Butterflies

Soaring Butterflies

Second ~ I also have a subscription to Quilting Arts Magazine and their January Reader Challenge is “How Does Your Garden Grow.” I have drawn up a sketch of what I want to do. It will be called “My Butterfly Garden.” I did enter a reader challenge and it was rejected last time. Since I loved what I had come up with it didn’t bother me. Art and Quilting is so subjective when you think about it. Aren’t we drawn to certain colors, fabrics etc… So this is my first sketch. I might change it as a go along. I do plan on trying something new, well maybe! LOL

Concept for Magazine

Concept for Magazine

The finished quilt is only 8″ x 10″.  My butterflies and flowers will be pretty small.

Thank you for visiting my blog and I am wishing Happy Holidays to you and yours.

I still have my sale going on thru the end of the year so stop on over to



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6 responses to “Holidays and New Year

  1. Kathy kinsella

    Great resolution for the new year, Patricia … I, too, am resolving to enter at least one major show next year!

  2. Another inspiring blog, Patricia…Congrats on the Phoenix Show! Love that one.

  3. Best of luck at the AQS show. Your quilt is wonderful

  4. Can’t wait to see all those new projects, love your work!

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