WIP~ #27B Geraniums Almost Done

OK, so I am still working on my Geraniums, but almost done!!! When this project first started I didn’t realize how long this would take me or what obstacles I might have to over come. When I left off  last week I was at the point of marking my quilt to show where the quilting lines were going to be.

Ready to mark

Ready to mark

I was able to mark most of the background with a water soluble blue marker. Now the blue flowers were a problem because the marker was not going to show up. So I needed to come up with another solution. I could use the purple marker that quilters use but the  lines disappear after a certain number of hours. That wasn’t going to work because I would have the quilt sandwiched by then and would not be able to mark the quilting lines using my light box. I tried using a white pencil but that didn’t show up either!

After thinking about it  I came up with this solution.  It would take a while but it would work. I take my paper pattern and use my sewing machine with feed dogs down and darning foot for free motion quilting and a large needle to punch holes out of my paper pattern.  Following where I wanted to quilt.  I lay my quilt down with the paper pattern on top. I take my pounce filled with chalk and pounce over the pattern. When I removed the paper little dots  showed up to show where to quilt. 

Front of pattern ~ back of pattern

Front of pattern ~ back of pattern

I could pounce with chalk a section at a time.  Once that was done I did the first round of quilting with white thread.  This left a thread line to show where I was going to quilt heavier. Once that whole top was done this way I started my second round of quilting.  A small free motion zig zag stitch. Almost like a satin stitch but more irregular.

Zig Zag Free Motion Stitch

Zig Zag Free Motion Stitch

This method took quite a while to do but I love the look of it when finished.  I chose my binding which will be next, then I am going to be stitching down some stigma and stamen in the middle of the flowers to finish the piece.

Ready for binding!

Ready for binding!

I hope to finish it tomorrow to add to my store on Etsy.

Come on over and have a look. I have a sale for the Holidays going on right now at Thebutterflyquilter.com






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4 responses to “WIP~ #27B Geraniums Almost Done

  1. Just LOVE this. I feel like it’s a developing baby as we’ve had the opportunity to see each step!

  2. Kathy kinsella

    Beautiful work, Patricia!

  3. That zig zag stitch really brings this piece to life with your thread color changes. Awesome!

  4. Simply brilliant way of quilting. I thought it was a mosaic.

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