WIP# 27A ~ Continuing Geranium Flowers

Holiday season is here and I have been busy making  gifts and other things. I was happy when my fabric arrived that I wanted to make my Geranium flower quilt out of, but before I go into what I have been doing you might want to catch up here ~


I decided how I was going to piece this little quilt. I thought might save time. Not the case so far!

I received my new light box and love it. I was using a piece of plexiglass and a light that sat up off my table and was hard to work with. When my pattern was too big I would use my sliding glass door!  Not now though.

The first thing I did was turn my paper pattern over to the wrong side on my new light box and then got my light heat n bond  and traced all my design pieces.

Tracing pattern pieces

Tracing pattern pieces

I traced each petal and the center of the flowers. Marked each with a number and carefully cut them out.

My gradation fabric from Sew Batiks is what I decided to use for this quilt.  The green will be the background and the blue will be the flower petals.



Before I adhered the petals to the fabric, I  cut out the center of each heat n bond paper.  I tried to make 1/4 to 1/2 inch in from outer edge. This way when the fabric is adhered to the background piece it won’t be as stiff!  Using my light box and my paper pattern turned right side up now, I can place the pieces exactly where they need to be!

Cut out center of Heat n Bond piece.

Cut out center of Heat n Bond piece.

Once the pieces are all set in place and ironed I turn the piece to the back side and careful cut out the extra layer of background fabric under each petal. When this is all done only one layer of fabric will be against the batting except the seam allowance.

Cutting out background from the back side of quilt top

Cutting out background from the back side of quilt top

Now that the top is all set I will be using my light box and I will be marking my whole quilt with little lines. Those lines are my quilting lines. I figure it will take me a day to mark all of the lines.

Boothbay Bot Gard achange-01V


Wish me luck!

Flower e

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2 responses to “WIP# 27A ~ Continuing Geranium Flowers

  1. Pat

    That’s a lot of work!! Can’t wait to see it done!

  2. BEAUTIFUL!!! Just love the fabrics and your design is outstanding!

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