WIP #28 ~ Cat and Leaves

Well winter is on its way here in Maine. All the leaves have fallen and they are all a brown tan color. While taking my cat for a walk in  our back yard she started jumping and playing with a pile of leaves.  Why not do a quilt with a cat surrounded by leaves peaking thru? Looking thru my photo’s of our cat I found one that I thought would work great.

Original Photo

Original Photo

The photo was enhanced with my Photoshop program. I then copied the photo onto a special treated fabric that I could print  on with my printer. I went outside and gathered some leaves and placed them around the photo to see how I like it!

Real leaves with photo

Real leaves with photo

I liked the way it looked so I went ahead and went thru my fabric stash to find a lot of different ones of brown and tan. I had this one piece of batik fabric that went from light green to dark green for the background. I also decided to add trees to the background.

leaves are now in place

leaves are now in place

I am still trying to decide whether to add some more leaves or not.  Sometimes I have to leave a project for a day and walk away to come back to it to see what else needs to be added before I start to quilt it. I think I might end up adding  more leaves, making them smaller and trailing into the distance.

Trees added!

Trees added!

Once this is quilted it will look totally different. I plan on adding some paint also to give more dimension to the trees and the leaves. More leaves or not? That is the question!

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4 responses to “WIP #28 ~ Cat and Leaves

  1. This looks just like what a cat would do in the leaves. Great quilt, Patricia!

  2. Kathy kinsella

    Great idea, Patricia …. Have fun pondering the leaves … Maybe one will fall off the edge . . .

  3. I just added a bunch more in the background and painted in the trees some. So it is still a WIP!

  4. Jennifer

    Super cool. Love your quilt.

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