Chapter 24: The Story Of Making a Mixed Media Quilt ~ Urban Rain

I was sitting on my couch watching the rain come down in pouring sheets and a thought came to mind to do a mixed media quilt of rain in an Urban setting. Like all my quilts I come up with an idea and I try to get it down on paper or on my computer so I can go back to it to work on it if it is something I think I can make into a quilt. That does not always happen though! LOL

Initial Drawings

Initial Drawing’s and Design

I then went through my supplies to see if I have something that I think will work!

I found a perfect batik background. While going thru my stash of this and that I found this wonderful blue organza and decided this would make perfect large bubbles of rain. I used different circle diameters like thread rolls, toilet rolls and chapstick caps to make my circles.



I also found something that I have wanted to use and try that I got at a quilt show a while ago. Foil! I also had purchased YLI thread the the foil would adhere to. Place your thread down onto your top, place foil on top of that, place a piece of parchment paper on top of that. Iron on top of parchment paper. When cool, pull up and the foil that is stuck to the YLI thread is left behind.

Foil and Special YLI Thread

Foil and Special YLI Thread

Next I used some other batiks that contrasts with the back and heat n bonded them to the background. I wanted it to look like long rain drops when it hits a window. After everything was in place I stitched different directional lines with a pretty variegated poly thread. I then decided to go back and sig zag around the batik fabrics with a grey because I didn’t like the raw edge as much.

Urban Rain 6Urban Rain 7

Next I added Fibers around the rain circles.

Urban Rain 9

Then I wanted to add a little bit of cloud cover. Using any piece of cardboard I just tore it along one side and used that as my template. I use my Shiva Paint Sticks of white and a stencil brush. Loading my brush I drag it across the torn edge and it leaves a really nice edge.

Shiva Paint stick and torn cardboard!

Shiva Paint stick and torn cardboard!

So this is what the piece finally looked like!

Finished first time!

Finished first time!


So I took a photo and went to my photo shop program and cut it up to see what it would look like!

Urban Rain 11

I liked this a lot better. So I went and cut it in three vertical pieces.Rotated the middle piece 180 degrees. Then I cut up the horizontal rows.  Not all the same size and rotated a couple of those pieces! Then I zig zagged all the pieces back together. From there I found these great crystal glass beads and decided to add those also. This was fun. I used a large needle and threaded the fibers that I was using thru then added the beads. I used a zig zag stitch to secure the fiber then added the bead and then continued zig zagging the fiber to where I wanted it to end,

Attaching Beads

Attaching Beads

Last but not least I didn’t want to just bind my quilt. I wanted to finish it off a different way. Headed for the store and found this really pretty edging that I thought would work.

Adding Edging

Adding Edging

So this is the final piece! I like it so much better then when I was going to stop!

Finished Quilt

Finished Quilt





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2 responses to “Chapter 24: The Story Of Making a Mixed Media Quilt ~ Urban Rain

  1. Love your creative inspiration!

  2. beautiful and thank you for sharing the process!

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