Story Behind the Quilt: The Canyon Quilt

 Canyon Quilt it is done!!

For those that need to catch up please have a look at how I started putting it together

The Canyon Wall all pieced and ironed in place with my batting attached! Raw edge appliqué.

Canyon Wall Done 1

Next I went ahead and zig zagged free motion (feed dogs down) back and forth with a variegated thread of tan to dark grey. I stopped counting after 22 + bobbins!

Top view

Top view

Bottom view

Bottom view

Next step was pinning my backing to the layer that was just quilted. This hides all the back of the zig zag stitches from view. I then started all over again with a solid black and used a smaller zig zag free motion stitch to make the look of rocks or boulders. A couple of dozen more bobbins!

#269 Canyon Wall d

From here I added some fibers here and there of green, grey and off-white. I also used a lime green thread to put little ferns here and there to give it some perspective. Larger ferns at the bottom of the quilt and tiny ones at the top. I decided to only put a few because there were not that many in the photo that I was working from.

#269 Canyon Wall c

And the final step — the binding. Went back and forth about the color. Black was just to strong. I found a deep green that picked up the moss color I had within the quilt. I thought about not having a binding but I wanted a finished frame edge look.

Canyon Wall Complete

Canyon Wall Complete

I hope you enjoyed my process of finally finishing this quilt.



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3 responses to “Story Behind the Quilt: The Canyon Quilt

  1. Patricia, it’s AWESOME! Very realistic looking. I love that you are so generous in sharing your process with us. Thank you! : )

  2. Thank you. As a quilter I love to share my process to help others grow or learn from my mistakes! LOL

  3. Pat

    I ditto the response previously, so realistic!!!!! Love it!

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