Gallery Showing ~ “Nature Inspired Quilts”

  If you are in the Down East Maine area, head on over to the Calais Library.  They have a wonderful downstairs art gallery for local area artists.  Every month someone new displays their art work.  For the month of October,  I was asked to do a show of my quilts.  I decided to show  eighteen of my nature quilts that were inspired by a photo, a dream about nature, or a theme that was for a specific quilt show that I wanted to enter. Here are the results!

 “Nature Inspired Quilts”  

Art Gallery, Calais Public  Library, Calais Maine

Art Gallery, Calais Public
Library, Calais Maine

First Wall of quilts!

First Wall of quilts!

Second and third wall!

Second and third wall!

Last Wall!

Last Wall!

I hope you can stop on by during the library hours and take a stroll down stairs to the  art gallery.  If not sit back and visit my store on line to check out most of the quilts shown here for a closer look.

Thanks for stopping by!



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2 responses to “Gallery Showing ~ “Nature Inspired Quilts”

  1. Kathy kinsella

    What a great gallery space your library has! Your work is so beautiful and it shows off very well there!

  2. You are so talented! I love your art quilts– keep on going!

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