WIP ~ Back to My Canyon Quilt

Well I am back to my canyon quilt. I finally decided another way I can put it together. For those that have been following along, I think you remember, I gave up on my little 1/2 inch pieced patchwork pieces. The look was not something that I was happy with.

So starting again with my Canyon photo I printed it off in a poster program to enlarge it to the size I wanted.

Original photo

Original photo

From there I went and cut out my batting to the actual size of the finished quilt with a little bit extra around the edges. I then pinned Pellon fusible interfacing in place on top of the batting.



After I enlarged my photo to the desired size, I printed it out and ended up with 30 sheets. So each sheet is 8×11 and I work on duplicating the photo colors with my fabric patches that I cut out and lay in place.

Part of one photo sheet in fabric

Part of one photo sheet in fabric

Once I have one section done I iron in place the fabric that I had placed just so.  Careful that the iron doesn’t touch the Pellon that is not covered in fabric.  It makes a mess and you will need to clean your iron.

So every section that I do gets ironed down into place. This way I can work on a section of 8 x 11 at a time. One page at a time.

Sections done with paper sections not done

Sections done with paper sections not done

Here is a large overview so you can see how far I have gotten. Now don’t forget this is all raw edge. I am hoping that with some wonderful thread work it will all come together. I even have lots of different fibers that I will be adding.

over view of full piece

over view of full piece

I ran out of ink for the bottom pages and had to reprint them in color to get it right. Only 12 more 8 x 11 pages to go!! Stay tuned!



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6 responses to “WIP ~ Back to My Canyon Quilt

  1. This will be absolutely amazing!

  2. Kathy Kinsella

    It is already looking great … I can’t wait to see it as it progresses!

  3. Catherine B.

    Very cool! Looks like a place not far from us called Hocking Hills.

  4. Pat

    It’s coming out wonderful!!!! Can’t wait to see all the thread work!

  5. Paula

    Thanks so much for offering an explanation of your process. I always wondered if the fusible was applied to each little piece. Your are brilliant….layer the fabric pieces onto a large sheet of fusible! Now, of course, this is the obvious way to do it. Thanks so much!
    And I just saw you finished work….awesome….so worth all those bobbins of thread.

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