The Story Behind the Quilt: Chapter 22 Friends

After reading my latest Aug/Sept issue of Quilting Arts there was a challenge to the readers in the back. The challenge was to design a block that was 8×10 that had to do with friends.  It gave many examples like BFF or Frenemies and such.

One morning I got up with this idea–why couldn’t I design a quilt around friends when they are in a dream state. I had a cat that just looked at butterflies and didn’t attack them so why not make a quilt around this idea. Going thru my photo’s, I came across one of her (she has passed on now) when she was young and looking up. I had taken this shot when I was taking a photography course so I loved it. I printed it off onto  fabric.


I then saw something somewhere, I believe it was a Quilting Arts program,  where you place objects  or cut out freezer paper and iron it onto fabric.  Then, mix some fabric paint ( I use seta color transparent paints) in a small spray bottle. Place your objects on the fabric and just spray.  When you lift the objects off your design is left behind. I wanted the background to be grey and white like a dreamy kind of state! I found these wooden scrap book flowers for 99 cents and they worked great!!

wooden flowers for scrap booking

wooden flowers for scrap booking

After spraying of paint

After spraying of paint

Let that dry for 24 to 48 hours and iron and it will be permanent. Then I decided that I wanted burlap butterflies in the quilt. I bought this book on Amazon for a penny. How could I pass up such a bargain since I love butterflies!

Butterfly book

Butterfly book

I then looked for one with a purple in it and found one. After I used a heat n bond on the back of the butterflies I then  used some of my shiva paint sticks to paint in some of the butterfly.

painted butterfly bodies

painted butterflies

I got my background and placed everything where I wanted it to go keeping in mind I have a size restriction–it has to be 8×10. Once I got my placement the way I liked it, I ironed everything into place. I then decided to stitch my cat and the butterflies with just the batting on the back. Once that was done I then put the back of the quilt on and quilted all the flowers and the background.

Before quilting and threading

Before quilting and threading

After quilting and threading.

After quilting and threading.

I am not finished yet. I have to bind it, paint in her eyes, at least I want to, green and then her whiskers will be last. I still haven’t figured out the title to this quilt. Any suggestions would be welcome. Remember it has to do with friends. I thought of this one “Dreaming of my Friends”.








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4 responses to “The Story Behind the Quilt: Chapter 22 Friends

  1. WOW!!! I’m so impressed with your creativity….AGAIN!

  2. Kathy kinsella

    This is a great idea, Patricia!

  3. Pat

    You amaze me!!!!!!

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