Wip #25 ~ Little Done on My Canyon

Well this week has been busy with two custom orders which I really liked doing. Both had to be a certain width and length!

# 43 words within


#45a custom for Maureen


I was only able to work on my canyon wall a little bit and it is turning out interesting!! Here are some photo’s on how it is coming out. I have cut out my quilters grid to the size of each page on my layout of my canyon. I am matching up colors with my template pages in this first photo. Picking and cutting one inch squares are taking awhile!

canyon a


Once all the pieces are ironed on in place, this 16 by 21 inch piece is ready to sew and follow the grid lines with a 1/4 inch seam, horizontal and vertical.

canyon pieces b


Now this is what it looks like after the pieces are all sewn. It has shrunk down to about an 8 x 11 inch piece. I now have 1/2 inch finished squares.

all sewn

one page done!

Thirty more pages to go!








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3 responses to “Wip #25 ~ Little Done on My Canyon

  1. Pat

    The process is amazing!!! I can only wonder how long this is going to take!!
    Love the quilts!

  2. Oh my. This looks like quite the challenge, but I know you are up to it!

  3. Wonderful……one in squares ….so tiny but very effective. Looking forward to seeing the progress.

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