WIP #24 ~ The Canyon Continues!

The last week or so I had an idea about how to piece my canyon wall. If you haven’t been following here is where it started ~


I didn’t like anything that I tried. I messed around with cutting fabric and putting it up on my work wall. Still nothing. Then I got my latest issue ( Sept/Oct) of Machine Quilting Unlimited and found an article on “Combining Figurative Work with Traditional Patterns” by Deborah Hyde. Loved how the patchwork made a beautiful quilt with images. On that note I went to my computer to my Photoshop program and found a filter effect called “patchwork.”  If you have Adobe Photoshop CS5 ~  open your photo, go to filter effects, go down the list to Textures and then to Patchwork. This is my photo before and after Patchwork effects.

Original photo

Original photo

After Patchwork Filter

After Patchwork Filter

I then had to do some math to figure out the size I wanted for the finished quilt. In another program, PosterRazor, I imported the image and blew it up to the actual finished size (40″ x 60″). Each little patch equals 1/2 inch finished. Not all the pages fit on my work space!

Printed out pages of actual size of the quilt

Printed out pages of actual size of the quilt

I am heading to do some shopping tomorrow to find some Pellons Quilters Grid. I have never used it before so I’m going to learn something new. I did some research and found a cool youtube video on how to use it.      http://youtu.be/aU4w6IekRgg

In the mean time I started cutting my one inch squares. Yup one inch! Crazy! I needed something to store my one inch squares. We recycle cereal boxes and came up with an idea to cut one in half and tape the flaps together to form a small box. Lined it with some tear away stabilizer and it fit perfect! Why line the box? It was just too dark and the fabric blended in so I needed something to lighten it up. By the way this is my husbands cereal not mine! LOL

Cut Cereal Boxes in half

Cut Cereal Boxes in half

Started cutting out fabric

Started cutting out fabric

This is going to take a while and I will write another blog once I get the Pellons Quilters Grid to see how it goes. I am only going to do one printed page at a time just to see how it goes together. Each  finished  patchwork will be 1/2 inch.   So how many squares do you think will be in the quilt? About 12,000. I am not going to think about that right now!



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3 responses to “WIP #24 ~ The Canyon Continues!

  1. Kathy kinsella

    Oh my!!!! Have fun with this one … It will be a beauty!

  2. Pat

    Wow, I can just imagine how long this will take! Can’t wait to see it!!

  3. Quite a project! I bet it will be lovely!

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