Chapter 21 ~ I Love the Mariner Compass Block

I have to say my obsession with the Mariner Compass blocks came when the first paper piecing pattern came out back in 1985 for the Mariner’s Block. I took a class using the Lynn Graves technique. There is more than one way to paper piece, “Did you know that?” I didn’t at first because Lynn was the only one I had heard about. Once I took that class, I designed this quilt using her papers. This was my design and the photo’s are old so sorry about that! Before digital camera’s!

#068 Show Me the Way to Go #068 a Show Me the Way to Go

After doing this quilt I decided that I wanted to learn how to draft my own out, so onto another class. This one ended up being 35 inches round. That’s right nothing small for me!

#072 Mariners CompassAfter this I decided maybe I liked paper piecing better so I was able to draft out an oblong one used in the center of one of my quilts.

#081 a Men's group Project


Setting them in a circle or oval shape was trying at times, but I did figure out a way after a while. Then someone pointed me in the direction of another paper piecing mariners where there were no set-in circles by Cindi Edgerton from “A Very Special Collection.”

#082 Mariners Sample Class


Well, as time went by, I would return to my love for mariner’s and my love for perfect points on paper. My solution was to draft out my own mariner’s and incorporate those into a quilt with movement. The next two photo’s are what I have done since learning of this wonderful block!

#158 Galaxy


My last mariner’s quilt was a queen size bed quilt. I drafted out lots of little ones and some larger ones. I sold this quilt to raise money for the animal shelter in the area I live.

#165 Mariner's Rose-1 #165 aMariner's Rose-2


Sometime soon I think I will need to do another one. I just can’t seem to stay away from this wonderful block!




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6 responses to “Chapter 21 ~ I Love the Mariner Compass Block

  1. Unfortunately, my first experience with paper piecing was not a good one so i have shied away from it. I am slowly starting to think about trying again soon. The technique really does produce some amazing quilts and all of yours are perfect examples. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Kathy Kinsella

    Gorgeous quilts!! I love seeing all those points but I am usually too scared to attempt them … although, I do like paper piecing, too!

  3. What a wonderful post. Fabulous quilts …….just love the mariners compass

  4. Pat

    Love seeing how you have progressed!! Thanks so much for sharing your quilts with us.

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