WIP Wednesday ~ #22 Bella the Fox in Progress

I finally found some time to work in my Photoshop program to work on Bella the Fox. I took the original picture then used the “poster edge” filter that was in my program and then the “accented  edges” filter. This will give me an idea on where to place my fabrics on the quilt for her. Here you can see the progression and how it worked in the Photoshop program.

Click on to make bigger!

bella in threeThis took a while since I am still learning the in’s and out’s of Photoshop. OK I will be honest I don’t think I will ever learn everything because the program is so big! LOL From there I went ahead and in  the PosteRazor program, enlarged the photo to the size I wanted and printed it out. I forgot to set my printer on draft mode so ended up using a lot of ink!

I then taped my pages together and started going thru my fabric to choose some colors that I might have. Of course I had to buy more fabric. Sometimes you have a vision and you just have to go shopping to help the image come to life!

Some Fabric Choices!

Some Fabric Choices!

Next I need to take my trusty black ink marker and mark all the spots that I will be changing to a different color fabric.

Outlining sections for color changes!

Outlining sections for color changes!

So this is where I stopped for today!

Now when you see a quilt or art quilt you can appreciate how much time goes into the process before even beginning piecing!



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5 responses to “WIP Wednesday ~ #22 Bella the Fox in Progress

  1. Fabulous picture. Interesting to see your process, and I’m really looking forward to seeing it come alive with the fabrics!

  2. Thanks for sharing your process. Really look forward to seeing it progress!

  3. Pat

    No wonder your quilts come alive!!! You spend a lot of time to get to the finished product. Can’t wait to see the quilt!!

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