Chapter #19 ~ Finishing of My Geometric? Quilt!

About a week ago I did a Work In Progress blog about this quilt!

To much open space for me.

To much open space for me.

Filling in the empty open space I added curved pieces of batiks and satin stitched in place with deep purple.

Satin Stitch in place!

Satin Stitch in place!

I went ahead and quilted the top. Each square I quilted in with a teal thread and followed the square inside with a little bit of a curve! I also stippled all the white space with white thread. Then in my strips I did a gentle back and forth so it would lay flat.

close up of quilting

close up of quilting

It still felt kind of empty for lack of a better term. I decided to try something and just go for it. I usually think things through a little but not this time! I took out my fabric paints ( I use setacolor fabric paints) and found two colors that went with the quilt top and mixed a third one. I decided that I wanted to add circles. How was I going to add the circles with paint? Well looking around my home I came up with a empty paper towel roll, a dixie cup, and a wooden dowel. interceptions 2I filled the middle of my paint tray with some paint then dipped the object that I wanted the circle made out of in the middle, trying not to over fill. I just started dabbing here and there on the quilted top with my object rimmed with paint. Some of the circles are not as heavy with paint as others, but I like the look of it!

InterceptionsAll in all I liked the effect that I came up with to fill my unwanted space on my quilt!

#267 d


Once the paint dried for two days I then iron heat set it. The quilt can be washed if it ever needs to and not worry that the paint will run or disappear.





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4 responses to “Chapter #19 ~ Finishing of My Geometric? Quilt!

  1. I love it! The filler is exactly what it needed.

  2. Pat

    Pretty cool!!!! Love it!

  3. Patricia, You get an A+ for resourcefulness! Your quilt looks great!

  4. wow ~~I liked the original just fine with the open space but then you made it gorgeous -er. 🙂 nice job!

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