#20 WIP Wednesday: Geometric ???

I have had this fabric for about two months that I really wanted to do something with. It is a beautiful dyed piece of fabric from Vicki Welsh. Here is her shop if you want to check her out:


I saw a painting of just squares set on a plain background. All the squares were different sizes and I thought that is what I will do, only piece them on a slight curve. Well when I finished piecing there was just too much white for me.

To much open space for me.

To much open space for me.

close up

close up

So I went thru my stash and found a batik that I liked with it. I decided to appliqué lines in different directions through the white. Then I went ahead and satin stitched them all in place with a deep purple that went with the darkest part of the dyed fabric.

Heat set all strips in place!

Heat set all strips in place!

Satin Stitch in place!

Satin Stitch in place!

After 12 bobbins I finally have all the satin stitching done! Yahoo. I then squared the quilt up. Remember I pieced it on a slow curve so nothing is square in the quilt.  Basting and figuring out my quilt design comes next!

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2 responses to “#20 WIP Wednesday: Geometric ???

  1. Pat

    I’m always amazed at what your up to, love it!!

  2. wow I love how this quilt came out and love this design! Will be waiting to see the finished creation.
    Debidesigns at Etsy

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