Chapter 17: The Story Behind the Quilt ~ What went wrong turned out right!

Continued from my WIP project this week.

Well if you are a quilter you know that sometimes things just don’t go the way you planned! The problems began  with my original design paper pieced blocks. I had done a couple of my blocks correct and laid them out on my design board. Then I walked away from them for a while.

13 blocks pieced

13 blocks pieced

I had precut all my fabric pieces and had just enough. Not a very good idea. As a quilter I would recommend always buy and extra 1/4 to 1/2 yard of fabric just in case. Did I follow this rule this time, No!

To make things go a little faster while I was talking to my friend on the phone, I was pinning my first two pieces of fabric to my paper pattern to sew.  My gold/yellow pieces were almost square. There was a difference of about 1/2 inch.  So I didn’t think about which direction to place them when I was pinning. If you ever paper pieced you just realized what I did. After sewing all 36 blocks, half of the the gold was off by 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch.

My solution instead of taking apart all those blocks that I had sewn wrong was to  just cut my blocks down to 8 x8 instead of 8 1/2 x 8 1/2. No problem. It worked out better because I decided I didn’t want to have to worry about having points anywhere that met.

Second problem:  I had all my blocks ready to sew and thought I laid them in the direction I wanted to piece the rows. After sewing two rows when I went to put them together realized I had rotated all the blocks so it actually came out different then the above lay out!

Block sewn different

Block sewn different

I decided to just finish the quilt the way it was coming together. I actually like it a lot better. The orange doesn’t over power the quilt as much. But it would look OK the other layout also! Initially I wasn’t going to put a boarder on the quilt, but felt it needed it at the end. Sometimes things just work out!

Finish quilt

Finish quilt





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7 responses to “Chapter 17: The Story Behind the Quilt ~ What went wrong turned out right!

  1. When I saw the finished product on Quiltsy this morning, I thought it was really nice. Now that I see the trouble you went through getting to the finished product, I think it’s beautiful.!

  2. Kathy kinsella

    It looks so cool … I wouldn’t have realized it was an oops!! You have created a new design 🙂

  3. Beautiful, Patricia! Nice when you can make corrections that you like better in the end.

  4. Sometimes a quilt seems to have a mind of its own! I like that you allowed it to evolve.

  5. Thank you everyone. I like the way it came out also! Even if!

  6. Pat

    I love how that came out!!

  7. An elderly quilter friend of mine used to always tell me about quilting pieces together: “It’s OK, honey, it will all come out in the wash!” but then you probably have heard that!

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