#17 WIP ~ Fall Quilt

I have never really been an orange person. It is one of the colors that I have tried to master in my quilting. So I decided to challenge myself to make a fall quilt.  When I went to my local fabric store there was a ton of orange in every shade you can imagine.  So I skipped right passed them and went to find a print that I really liked with orange in it.  By the way I love leaves.  All leaves.  I came across a beautiful leaf fabric and from there went to grab some coordinating oranges, golds, and greens.

Fall fabric selection.

Fall fabric selection.

I then sat down with a sheet of plain paper and drew out a few simple lines. Scanned into my computer and decided to run off a couple and using paper piecing method, sewed a few together.

paper pattern

paper pattern

A surprise pattern came out once a few of the blocks were sewn and laid out on my design board. I think I like it!

13 blocks pieced

13 blocks pieced

So I went ahead and precut all my pieces, and with the left overs, made some mini word quilts!

Fall throw quilt 3

You can see or even purchase these little inspirational word quilts in my etsy store.  Hop on over for a visit.




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4 responses to “#17 WIP ~ Fall Quilt

  1. Orange is not my favourite either. Love the way your choices came together. It’s going to be an amazing quilt!

  2. That’s a really neat block! Very creative, and I love your use of the leftovers!

  3. I love your self challenge! I do things like that, too, but don’t come out with nearly the great end result that you have here. Great blocks!

  4. Pat

    I just love how creative you are! Fall colors are my favorite, after purple of course.

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