#15 WIP: Continuation of my free form Triangles!

Well as you know last week I was trying to figure out how I was going to piece my free form triangles into a quilt. After a couple of days I decided to try to take an old block and make it modern with my free form triangles. I realized to get the angle right for the block I would have to paper piece. I drafted out the size and then scanned it into my computer. I then decided to use some left over heavy water soluble stabilizer a friend didn’t like. I figured I could just tear it away like paper. Well after printing off 36 of them and sewing about 22 of them I tried to tear it away. It left some on the fabric. That wouldn’t be bad but it was the black ink I was worried about that was on the stabilizer. I put one in water to get rid of the stabilizer only to have the ink run into the white fabric. So for a few hours and small tweezers I bet you can guess what I was doing,  getting every last bit of stabilizer off. I decided to go back and run the rest of my paper pieced sections onto  paper. Worked so much better!

One of the triangles!

One of the triangles!

One block done!

One block done!

Once I had my 9 blocks  (I wanted to do more but knew I would not have enough fabric) , I laid them out. I loved them on point.

On Point!

On Point!

The rest of my blocks and outer triangles were also done with free form piecing. I think it gives it a very modern feel. This took a lot longer than I thought but I love the colors. All from just white fabric and a bundle of  2 1/2 in strips. I plan on quilting it next. Still deciding on how but something will come! LOL

Quilt top done!

Quilt top done!



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3 responses to “#15 WIP: Continuation of my free form Triangles!

  1. Bautiful. Love the story about printing on stabilizer. I’ve had many failed experiments, too

  2. Pat

    love it!! you are so creative!

  3. That quilt is looking great!

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