#14 WIP Wednesday: Triangles

When I picked up the mail I got my 2 1/2 inch strips from Sew Batik. They are pink, red, yellow, brown and purple shades that go from light to dark of each color.

Fabric strips!

Fabric strips!

I came up with a couple of different plans then settled on triangles with them. I did a free form strip of piecing of the triangles just to see how they look. No straight seams INSIDE the triangle. They will each have a little curve to them. This way they won’t look as straight. For some reason I like this look. The triangle itself will be a perfect triangle shape though.

One of the triangles!

One of the triangles!

I only put a few on the wall to see if I want to continue. The triangles are only 6 inches so not sure yet how the outcome will be for the finished quilt. I am just going with the flow. LOL Still trying different layouts. Which do you like better?

Triangles as Borders

Triangles as Borders

Triangles in a triangle

Triangles in a triangle

One large triangle empty beside one in the middle empty

One large triangle white beside one in the middle empty

Or just rows!

Or just rows!

Sometimes it helps to take photos of different layout. But then again maybe not! LOL



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4 responses to “#14 WIP Wednesday: Triangles

  1. Great colors and I love the improv look here, but I’m no help on the layout. LOL

  2. Very fun! Did you try a hexagon?

  3. I did think of a hexagon but wanted to try something different. It might end up that way in the end! LOL

  4. I love your idea of the stripes improv pieced into triangles! Looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

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