#12 WIP Wednesday ~ Working on Hexagon Table Toppers

Deciding to organize a few things in my sew room I came across these templates that I forgot I had. It had been years since I used them. I only used the small one to be honest but I asked Arco to make me a specific size. Their templates are made of metal with a ruff surface on one side so it doesn’t slide on your fabric when you’re cutting. There website: http://www.ardcotemplates.com

Arco Templates

Arco Templates

This was a small quilt I did years ago using the smaller template which had a 3 inch finish to it.

Made years ago with small template

Made years ago with small template

Going thru my fabric I found a couple of prints that I wanted to cut up. Although this does waste some fabric I did have some fun! The only thing was they were all set in seams!!! Not too bad though after years of not doing set in seams! LOL

Set in seams

Set in seams

Once pieced, some of them are hard to see where the seams were so here is the template on the shape within the quilt!

Template on the sewn piece!

Template on the sewn piece!

Here are all the table toppers I finished using this method so far. Before cutting my fabric I added a strip of color then used the template so it forms different stars depending on how wide the strip is that you add.

Finished table toppers

Finished table toppers


TT #2

I realized on my fall one that the color strip I added matched too close so you can’t see the star pattern. Oh well, that is what trying new things is all about! It was fun trying different fabric choices. Now off to start my new art quilt!



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5 responses to “#12 WIP Wednesday ~ Working on Hexagon Table Toppers

  1. Pat

    Love them all! I’m so happy you make time to have fun.

  2. Kathy kinsella

    These are really beautiful … They each look very unique!

  3. Very cool. I think I would EPP that shape rather then sew those Y seams. But it sure looks like you have the hang of it. Beautiful!

  4. This looks complex, and they all look so different. I love the purple and green one.

  5. Ooh, and the black & white one, too!

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