The Story Behind the Quilt ~ Chapter 14: The Cheetah Called Thor

What do you get my husband for his birthday? I know that he loves cheetah’s, actually any cat really. As you can see he has a hat, a denim shirt and a t shirt with a cheetah on it.

Thor 1b Thor 1c

So I decided to go to my local library and take out a book of cheetah’s. I had to check the children’s section which is great if you are looking for great photos. I found one that I liked a lot.

I decided on one photo that I really liked and scanned it onto my computer. Enlarged it to a size I liked and printed it out. With a light box I outlined the cheetah onto off-white fabric and drew an outline of his head, eyes, and his main features.

Shiva Paints

Shiva Paints

Taking my shiva paint sticks I painted in the rest of the colors and his markings. His eyes I used an iridescent brown to make them stand out. Don’t cheetah faces seem sad to you? They do to me. I think it is the position of their eyes. I then painted in the background a green and tan to act like grass.

Close up of Thor's face

Close up of Thor’s face

I had this really nice brown batik that I added as the borders. I then quilted the areas in the same color as the paint or close to it to add some depth. For the border, I bought different widths of hemp and zigzaged it down in place. Originally I had hemp around the painted cheetah block and didn’t like it so I added ric rac over it.

Different sizes of Hemp.

Different sizes of Hemp.

I had some gold leaves that I added to the corners of the block.

Thor Finished

Thor Finished

He is now hanging in our bedroom.



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4 responses to “The Story Behind the Quilt ~ Chapter 14: The Cheetah Called Thor

  1. This is gorgeous … I bet hubby is thrilled with it!

  2. I love him Patricia! You’re very creative :^D I bet your hubby was really chuffed with it!

  3. Beautiful job – So creative!

  4. Pat

    You are an awesome!!

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