The Story Behind the Quilt~ Chapter 12 The Poppy Quilt

Well if you were following me you noticed on my WIP wednesday I was trying to finish up my Poppy quilt. It is finished! Yay!

I had a couple of glitches along the way. Well not exactly glitches but things I wanted to change as I was going along. On my butterfly that I printed onto  fabric using my computer, I had to piece the butterfly together. Not sure if I like the outcome but once I made some changes I could live with it. When it printed, it printed light and it didn’t have the depth of color that my original photo had so I got out my pebeo seta color transparent paints and went to work. I just went over the colors with the paint to make them really pop. I added some orange in with the yellow on the butterfly parts also. Below is before and after photo’s.

Before painting!

Before painting!

after painting

after painting

Also, after quilting the whole quilt, I added the butterfly and then I added the yellow flower to the left of the quilt. Once quilted, it just didn’t look right with the other flowers that were beautifully painted. So I went ahead and painted this flower also but just added a mix of yellow and orange, then some brown to the center like the other flowers.

before quilting and painting

before quilting and painting

After quilting and painting

After quilting and painting

I was happy once it was all done with some of the changes I made at the last minute. I also enjoyed doing a quilt with so many different techniques and combining them all together. Here is the finished quilt!

Field of Poppies!

Field of Poppies!







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4 responses to “The Story Behind the Quilt~ Chapter 12 The Poppy Quilt

  1. Another great project. I love what you did with Gayle’s fabric. And that butterfly is such a special addition! Beautiful job B’fly!

  2. It’s totally stunning. I really LOVE your work Patricia!

  3. Pat

    absolutely beautiful!!

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