The Story Behind The Quilt ~ Chapter 11: Whole White Cloth Quilt Dilemma

Back in the  90’s when I had my quilting business a customer came to me and asked me to hand quilt a whole cloth piece of fabric already marked. She came with the top, backing, and the batting. At that time this batting was new to the market and I told her I have never used this batting before and would prefer to use the batting I like because I knew it wouldn’t cause any problems. But she persisted. So after a few months of hand quilting this queen size quilt she came to pick it up. Not one day later she came back very upset and wanted a refund. When she washed the quilt to get the marked lines out of the quilt it seems some stains showed up on the top. Come to find out the the cotton batting had cotton seeds that had not all been taken out of the batting. It left oily looking stains on the quilt. Small dots of off- white coloring showed up on this beautiful white quilt.

Quilt before washing!

Quilt before washing!

I notified the manufacturer at the time. Sent the quilt to them to look at it. They sent it back and went to work on fixing the problem.

Being a business woman I thought this really isn’t not my fault. I tried to talk her out of the batting that she personally bought. I ended up giving her money back for my time and the materials she bought. She still wanted the quilt. I ended up with the quilt.

First solution: I ended up tea dying the quilt. I filled a large tub with lots of tea bags and hot water and submersed the quilt. Left it for a day. Then washed and hung it to dry. I didn’t think it was that bad. I gave it to my parents that year. The photos below is what the quilt  looked like after years of being washed and used.

Tea dyed

Tea dyed

 The spots were getting darker and darker.

Spots getting darker!

Second Solution:  I took the quilt and decided to dye the quilt. (I had been experimenting with dying). After talking to the company that I bought the dye from, they told me how to do it in my washing machine. By the way, my parents love deep purple. Their favorite color. I went ahead and dyed the quilt.

back fabric different

back fabric different

It came out beautiful. The top and back fabric of the quilt where different so the dye took different. You can not see any of the original cotton seed stains at all and it washed beautiful.

All Finished!

All Finished!

One problem happened. When I put the salt in my washer (a lot of salt) to dye it my washing machine  started to act funny. It made it thru a week before it went kaput! I think the salt killed it! LOL. Oh well at least the quilt will last for more generations then the washer. You might have a project that just didn’t work out and might be able to come up with a solution that can save it. I love this purple quilt now!



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5 responses to “The Story Behind The Quilt ~ Chapter 11: Whole White Cloth Quilt Dilemma

  1. Pat

    What a spot to be put in when clearly its not your fault!!! But the outcome, became a happy one, with the beautiful purple quilt!!!

  2. What a dilemma! You went above and beyond on that one. I’m glad you ended up with something you could love. : )

  3. I’m glad this story has a happy ending.

  4. My heart sank as I was reading this – all that work that you did!
    I love the purple!

  5. Thebutterflyquilter

    Thank you everyone. It did turn out beautiful though as a purple quilt!

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