The Story Behind The Quilt: Chapter #9 ~ Solar Wind & Solar Flare

Now that I have learned a way to piece a wall hanging with a curve (look at last blog post # 8), I designed this beautiful original quilt called Solar Wind using this method. The finished quilt is seen below.

Solar Wind

Solar Wind

I wanted to do a smaller version recently using different fabrics. I always keep all my patterns so if I want I can go back make some changes or make a different size of the quilt.

Below is the pattern being copied onto freezer paper. All intersections are marked and registration marks are added also. Each piece is then cut out and ironed onto a piece of fabric on the wrong side. I then cut out each piece of fabric with at least 1/4 of an inch or bigger around the outer edges. Then I take a small scissor and clip around the edge going up to about 1/8 of in inch to the freezer paper. I then take a small paint brush and dip it in starch and  get my seam allowance wet. I gently fold back my seam allowance away from the top to the back. Try not to fold the freezer paper. Using a light box I butt the two pieces together and pin a lot! **One piece has the seam allowance folded under the other does not.

Design on freezer paperColor choices

Design on freezer paper
Color choice

Once pinned I then use a small zig zag stitch with monofilament thread to stitch in place. It is like a puzzle.

Sewing the pieces together

Sewing the pieces together

After all of it is pieced I carefully remove the freezer paper and press the top. It is ready to quilt!

Solar Flare before quilting!

Solar Flare before quilting!

Solar Flare is Finished! With some embellishments added!

#254 Solar Flare



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3 responses to “The Story Behind The Quilt: Chapter #9 ~ Solar Wind & Solar Flare

  1. Pat

    I always love what you come up with!!!

  2. This quilt is beautiful…I am in love with the red version. So much talent!!!!!

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