Chapter 7: National Quilting Day ~ Block Exchanges

Celebrate National Quilting Day on March 16th with Quilting Friends.

Start a block exchange! What are block exchanges? When a group of quilters get together to swap or exchange blocks. First ~ you have to decide how many quilting friends you want in your exchange. Two ~ have a meeting and discuss colors and size of the blocks you want to exchange. Three ~ decided how long you want it to last and how much time in between block exchanges. Usually one month works out great. Everyone has so many things going on in their lives so there could be some leeway if someone is a little late.

Example: Six quilting friends get together and decide they want to make 6 inch quilt blocks for everyone in the group. So you make 6 of the exact same block. One for yourself and the other five go to members of the group!

You mail or meet once a month and exchange your finished blocks for that month.   You also want to decide how long you want to do this or how many blocks you want. If you did this for six months  at the end of that time you will have 36 different blocks.

Last you put together all your new beautiful blocks anyway you want. You design your own creation!! Then meet when everyone is finished and look at how different everyones beautiful quilt came out!

One Group Project:

With this group we did 6 inch squares (unfinished 6 1/2 square). Need to choose any pattern block you want to make. Make it antique or civil war colors with off white background in your blocks.

I added a couple of more blocks to work out the design I came up with! First photo mine. Second a friends.

#081 Men's group Project

swap blocks c

Second Group Project:

Pick out the ugliest fabric that you can find in the quilt store and use one piece of it in a 6 inch block. I worked in the quilt store and this was done by those of us who worked there to see if we could do something with this fabric! The border was the fabric we chose. Even some of the fabrics that you don’t like work out in small pieces!

#133 Loves2Quilt Sampler

Third Group Project:

We all went to a shop and decided on one fabric we liked. Then we decided to challenge ourselves and make any size block we wanted for the month to swap. All we had to do is add coordinating colors. Everyone sees colors differently! Ended up with a wide arrangement of blocks. Here is three of ours finished the way we wanted! Some of us added some special blocks to our own to make the quilt bigger to fit on a bed.

First photo is mine. I went a little crazy on this, I did a couple of thousand 1 inch blocks to separate the blocks. Crazy I know but I loved the effect! The other two are from two different members of the group finished!

patty swap

#112 A Sallys Summer Quilt

Pat's Summer Quilt

This is a great way to get to know each other and even stretch you abilities when piecing a block you never thought you could do.



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5 responses to “Chapter 7: National Quilting Day ~ Block Exchanges

  1. Beautiful quilts and great group project ideas!

  2. What great ideas for group projects! If it’s OK with you I’ll share it on FB.

  3. Pat

    Its so incredible how wonderfully different the quilts come out!!! thanks for showing them, I’m sure, ( I know your laughing) I have some unfinished blocks I’ve started, that need to be finished!!!

  4. Those are some amazing quilts! I love your layout in the third group.

  5. Great ideas Pat, the quilts are each so unique.

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