#5 WIP Wednesday: Mini Word Quilts

I was trying to think of a smaller version of my inspirational word quilts. I went to do some retail therapy at an art supply store and came across these little letters. I thought maybe I can just stamp them onto fabric because the area would be small for what I wanted to do. It worked!

New Letter Stamps!

New Letter Stamps!

I pulled out some of my flower fabrics and found some smaller buds and flowers to cut out for the middle. I then needed to decided what the background would be. I decided on this left over tan striped fabric because it had enough contrast but yet still soft. White I thought was a little to harsh for these.

borders around flowers

borders around flowers

Finished and listed them. I think I might try to figure a better way to bind them since they are so small but really wanted a little border to go around the edges to finish it off and frame them.

Three mini's finished!

Three mini’s finished!



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8 responses to “#5 WIP Wednesday: Mini Word Quilts

  1. Did you know you can print on fabric using a normal inkjet printer – sorry probably teaching you to suck eggs?!

  2. Your word quilts are beautiful and I love your choice of fabrics!

  3. Thebutterflyquilter

    Yes I use my ink jet printer a lot for printing on fabric but wanted to try something new just to see how it would look.

    • I haven’t tried stamping and would have been a bit worried about the ink running down the threads (I know what I mean but saying it aloud just sounds weird). Sometimes I colour ribbon for card making and depending on the ribbon and the medium it can be a bit hit or miss. Will have to try stamping on fabric, you have to try everything at least once, don’t you. They are always beautiful, big or small.

  4. Another wonderful project from you. They are very pretty. 🙂

  5. I love these little mini quilts. I have those little stamps but I know my attempt would not look as lovely as yours. Using those stamps is a great idea however.

  6. Pat

    so pretty!!!I love them!

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