Chapter 6 : Something Old, Something New

Did you ever go to a flea market, Good Will or a quilt show and find pieced or appliquéd blocks grouped together but not in a quilt. They always seem so lost to me. Well for years I have been drawn to these poor unfinished blocks and really wanted to do something someday with some that I would purchase.

A couple of years ago I went back to Virginia to visit friends and attend the Williamsburg Quilt Show. I used to live there so it was like going home. I decided to drive because I knew I would be there for a week and I knew I would be sewing with my quilting friends. I picked up another quilting buddy on the way down and we had the car packed. We left some room in the car knowing we would be  attending the quilt show. Always good to bring an extra empty suitcase just in case. LOL

Set of 24 Appliqued Blocks!

Set of 24 Applique Blocks!

At the show I spotted these appliqué blocks. They were grouped together in a set of 24. Not often do you find a group with that many together and all the same block. One, I do not appliqué very well so I can appreciate when someone else does it. Two, they were my favorite color purple. Three, they were older blocks. I spotted these the third day of the show. I didn’t buy them. We went back to my friends house and sewed late into the night. I thought about those blocks all night. The next day we decided to skip the show and just sew on some lap quilts for charity. The following morning we were leaving to head back home. I never made it back to the show for those blocks.

A couple of days later when I was home I received a package in the mail. Guess what? It was my blocks. Yes I can say that now, my blocks. A friend saw me looking at them and bought them for me. I hate to see anything unfinished so this was my project for the next two weeks. Come up with something to put them in. With any older blocks you have a few stain spots on them. I was able to cut the blocks back to 10 1/2 inches with very little stain showing. I decided I needed a summer quilt and my design would be a simple Irish Chain pattern

#214-something old something new b

I went to the store and found some Indonesia Batik fabrics that I thought went pretty well with my 30’s blocks! I wanted to try something new. You are probably saying or thinking to yourself is she crazy to try something new with these beautiful hand appliqué blocks? To make it summer weight instead of using batting (even a low loft) I wanted a coverlet feel, so I used flannel in between my layers of fabric. Never having done something like this, it was a challenge. The flannel didn’t really stick to the cotton so I had to double my usage of pin basting. You see I don’t have a large overall machine, I was quilting this on my domestic machine. It came out pretty good. Only one little pinch in the back which I was able to fix.

applique quilt d

In the appliqué blocks I also wanted to outline the petals of each section and do a little swirl in the center. Now if this was hand quilted in the 30’s it would be just straight lines and outline the appliqué blocks. So I added something new. The name of this quilt as you can probably guess is  “Something Old, Something New”!

Irish Chain with Applique Blocks

“Something Old, Something New”



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7 responses to “Chapter 6 : Something Old, Something New

  1. Yay! for saving these lovelies! I too am drawn to these orphaned blocks but as mine get put away with the hope that someday I will get them into finished form, you have the focus to make them shine!

  2. What a beautiful quilt this is … and so special that you were able to use the blocks that someone else had pieced long ago!

  3. How nice to have a friend like that to get them for you and the quilt turned out so beautiful! 🙂

  4. Patricia you did a beautiful job on this quilt. I love it!

  5. Pat

    gorgeous!!!!I love it!

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